How to Become a Software Consultant

1. Gather Education and Work Experience

Learn about software development, software engineering, web design, and troubleshooting. learning the fundamentals of software engineering will enable you see if your career fits you. One option is to obtain a Bachelor of Software Engineering (B.SE.) at an ABET accredited college or university. You also could teach yourself from online tutorials, books, via trial and error. Some people obtain masters degrees in software engineering too.
Many software engineering degree programs require that applicants attended advanced computer science and math courses in high school. If you have completed high school and did not bother to take these courses, enroll in a community college to gather required credits. You can also read software engineering blogs to stay informed with the latest developments in your filed.

2. Look for an internship/part-time job in software engineering

While you are busy with your studies or self-education time, gain valuable practical experience through jobs. Use university resources to write your resume. Participate in career fairs to discuss software engineering jobs with technology sector headhunters or Employees.

3. Get your first software engineering job

Apply for entry-level jobs in any software engineering firm to prepare for a consultant position. Meanwhile, you should work towards earning your engineering license. In order to receive your license, you must pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. You can take the exam after 4 to 6 years of employment.
After receiving your engineering license, you should have a solid foundations of software engineering, development, deployment and troubleshooting. You should have basic programming skills in programming languages like C++, Java, HTML, JQuery, PHP, SQL, Perl, Lynx, and Matlab.

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